The Bob Dylan Show

My son and I decided to go to a Bob Dylan concert in Milwaukee last weekend. Download the poster in PDF format. I really had a good time because I enjoy hanging out with the "kid". We're both easy-going so it's always a laid back time. Anyway, hanging out with him made it fun, despite the venue. Parking was twenty bucks, what a rip-off. People were smoking a lot, the floor was sticky with spilled beer. I even detected reefer being smoked at one point. There was a cloud in the air. The concert was on a Saturday night and he had to take the ACT college prep test that morning before we left. So we struck out at 1:00 in the afternoon to drive from Cincinnati to Milwaukee. We made it with 40 minutes to spare. The venue was called the Rave. There were no seats, it was standing only. So we took our spot about 20 feet from the stage,.. and waited. The first act was a guy named Amos Lee; he did about 6 or 7 songs and he was really good. He invited the audience to come out to a pub after the show,.. that was cool. I would pay to see him perform again.
A few lines from his song "Black River",
   Your gonna take my bottle, my bible, my mess
   Your gonna take all of my empty and my loneliness
   Gonna take all of that sadness inside of me
   Gonna take it all and set me free,...
After Amos Lee left the stage, Merle Haggard and the Strangers took over. He and his band were excellent. He's 68 years old and he played the guitar with lots of energy and sang his songs in a strong, unwavering voice. I would pay to see him again.
Here are a few lines from his song "Workin' Man Blues",
   Hey hey, the working man, the working man like me
   I ain't never been on welfare, that's one place I won't be
   Cause I'll be working long as my two hands are fit to use
   I drink a little beer in a tavern,...
He sang about 10 songs and I was surprised at how responsive the crowd was. Lots of young folks seem to like "The Hag". He's best known for the classic "Okie from Muskogie", although he's got lots of other great songs. He does a few about being a fugitive or a prisoner, very stereotypically classic country-western. I went out and bought his "40 hits" CD after the show. He's experiencing a comeback.
Then came the headliner, the infamous Bob Dylan and his Show. I like his music. I probably have 8 to 10 of his CDs. His concert stinks though, but there are a lot of people that like him judging by the crowd; he played to a packed house. I might see him again if I could sit down in an assigned seat. The "Rave" format of a concert isn't for me. The audience was a mix of young and old alike. His band was musically excellent, I could barely understand what he was singing. He didn't once pick up a guitar. He stood behind a keyboard and sang unintelligably. He had a violin player in the middle of the stage that played like the devil and was quite stunning. Her name is Elana Fremerman and she is a member of the band Hot Club of Cowtown. No doubt she is there both for her fiddling talent and here stage presence. He sang 14 songs. Some of the songs I recognized from the few words I could understand. Some of the songs I didn't know, while some of them I know, but I couldn't tell what he was singing. The band was really good, but the music didn't give a clue to the song. It was like some crazy unrelated arrangement. But the crowd really dug it. Dylan looked like he'd been through the ringer. I don't know if it's because of his past "substance abuse" issues or just other health issues. He seemed a little unsteady. He really digs performing. You can see that he really likes the adoration of fans.
The playlist was:
1. Maggie's Farm (I understood what he was singing)
2. The Man In Me (I don't know this song)
3. Lonesome Day Blues (I don't know this song)
4. I Don't Believe You (I didn't recognize his version, but I know the song)
5. Ballad of Hollis Brown (I understood what he was singing)
6. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again (I didn't recognize his version, but I know the song)
7. Girl From The North Country (I understood what he was singing)
8. Honest With Me (I don't know this song)
9. Ballad Of A Thin Man (I understood what he was singing)
10. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (I understood what he was singing)
11. I Believe In You (I didn't recognize his version, but I know the song)
12. Highway 61 Revisited (I understood what he was singing)
and for his encore,
13. Like A Rolling Stone (I understood what he was singing)
14. All Along The Watchtower (I didn't recognize his version, but I know the song)