Felix the Cat
(the Wonderful, Wondeful, Cat)
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1)Opening Screen 2)Story Text 3)Opening Credits
4)Cartoon Artist 5)Selecting Book 6)Reading Book
7)Checking Book 8)Baseball 9)Fishing
10)What's up? 11)Spanish Opener 12)Opening Credits
13)Felix's Head 14)Angry Felix 15)Tired at Sea
16)With Captain 17)Octopus 18)Steering Ship
19)Professor 20)Swordfight 21)Babysitter
22)With Poindexter 23)With Poindexter 2 24)Greeting Alien
25)Captured 26)Poindexter in Space 27)Escalator
28)Bag of Tricks 29)Felix in your TV 30)Hitch-hiker
31)Private Eye 32)Master Cylinder 33)Cmdr McBragg
34)Klondike Kat 35)Trick Submarine 36)Professor
37)Professor 38)Moon View 39)Machine Gunning
40)Tricky Rocket 41)Flying to Moon 42)Flying to Moon 2
43)Underdog 44)Tooter Turtle 45)The END