This is a Page of "Most Annoying Radio Ads"
I listen to a lot of radio since it's easy to do other things at the same time and then only pay attention when it's something interesting. I have a low tolerance for commercials, with some of them especially annoying. Some of the ads are so annoying that I'll shut off the radio and forget to turn it back on for awhile,....

Anyway, I have some good news for you, I just switched to Gieco to Eliminate the Middleman, and I'm saving a ton of money! If that was a little annoying, try this Gieco I Met a Guy Named Wally commercial, it's really annoying.

Do you have thinning hair? Do you need something that works on men and women? Get a free month's supply! Get Avacor! ... and you will find true happiness. Did I tell you it was FDA approved?

Are you foolish enough to get a car loan without first checking your credit score (I thought so)? How about a home mortgage? If you answered YES, you're doomed! What planet are you from anyway? You had better use Equifax! LOSER.

Do you need your Karma overhauled? Are you soooo lonely you need to pay someone to talk to about you psychic "issues"? Or do you really want to take a satisfying bite out of the cosmic muffin? Well, to find out how, connect with the Psychic Source. Did I say Loser?

How would you like to go really far into debt? Quicken Loans will help you get there. For a $330/month paymnent, you can borrow $200,000 !!! I've heard about reading the small print, but they talk so fast in this ad at the end it's unintelligible. Is that small talk? Quicken Loans is there for you!

I will concede that Rush Limbaugh is a smart guy. I understand that along with success comes a small measure of vanity, but stating that you're "All-knowing" is just a little too presumptuous. Even us plebes should know enough to use the calcium supplement he's peddling. Hear all about Citrocal from Rush.

This ad is all about a medicine for sleeping that doesn't "over-medicate" you. The annoying thing here is the woman's voice as she responds, "Uh-huh", "Nuh-Uh", "Hhmmm", among others. She never really speaks, you'll see what I mean, just follow the link for Unisom Sleep Gels.

This ad pleads, "Don't make momma lie for you. Go on the internet and find a man! I'm tired of telling everyone you have a boyfriend when you don't." Go onto and find a mate - there are 15 million members after all; I wonder if that includes all the people who out of curiosity signed up and have had a only one look? How can you possibly have 15 million members and be successful? Listen to the ad and hear all about it at

Have the Swedes cornered the market on mattress design? Tempurpedic would have you think so. After all, 25,000 medical professionals around the world recommend Tempurpedic Listen to the experts.