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This is an "Interesting Links" Page
The criteria I have for listing a website here is that enjoyed exploring it myself, found it interesting, and it has to be "serious" OR "entertaining", and it has to be mainained, prefering "no-banner" sites.

Project Gutenberg This site is called: Project Gutenberg. It is the creation of Michael Hart, the inventor of the e-book, established in 1971. There are 18,000 books in the collection and they are all free. They are adding new books all the time and you can volunteer to proofread text as the books are scanned and converted to text or html format. Since they only post copyright-free books, most of them are classics, or obscure. They feature a top-100 each day, driven by the download statistics. Truly a treasure, I remember finding it on my Apple-IIe clone, before Windows. Click to explore Project Gutenberg.
Wikipedia This is the site of the non-profit, multilingual (even Esperanto) encyclodedia, Wikipedia. It's an amazing place to go for information, or just to browse. There are over 744,000 articles in English alone. Wherever a word appears that has an article with the same name, there's a hyperlink to that other article. Any article is editable by anyone, it's truly the people's encyclopedia. There's news, photos, random article, and much more!
turn off your tv This is a site called "Kill Your Television", by Ron Kaufman. It starts out with a few quotes at the top, followed by a section called "Reviews", which is actually a set of very good links going to mostly academic/serious sites on TVs effect on us and society, followed by many more sections, including poems and alternative activities to watching television. Time to throw away the rabbit ears. Visit Kill Your Television. It's a great place to go to for satire and seriousness on America's favorite pastime.
Smoking Gun This site is called: The Smoking Gun. According to "The Smoking Gun", they bring you "exclusive documents--cool, confidential, quirky--that can't be found elsewhere on the Web." The site was acquired by "Court TV" in the December 2000. The "Mugshot" and "Backstage" sections are pretty entertaining as are the "Featured Document". There is an archive of past documents. Worth a visit to the link The Smoking Gun.
Coast to Coast This site is called: Coast to Coast and is the home of an all-night syndicated talk show. George Noory hosts during the week and Art Bell hosts on Friday and Saturday nights. Art Bell started the show many years ago and is great; George is pretty good too. The format of the show usually includes a guest selling a book, and listeners calling in with questions or comments. The topics include: ghost stories, UFO abductions, conspiracy theories, remote viewing, technology, futurology, etc. Lots of truckers listen in to stay awake on the road along with a lot of people laying awake in bed. This is the "best in class" for what they do,... hours of entertainment (the radio show, not the website). Follow the link: Coast to Coast to see a sample. This website is the work of "Chip Brown". The reason his website attracted my attention is it's name: It's an excellent website that serves two purposes. One is a forum for the community, with message boards and links to sports, schools, garage sales, etc. The other is a forum for Chip to pontificate in a half-humorous, half-serious way on just about everything,... mini-essays. The title's of Chip's mini-essays often use a play on words such as "Dr. Strange Glove", or "Valen Time". For some web-refreshment, visit Chip at: By the way, Maynardville is just 15 miles north of Knoxville TN, I plan to stop in next time I'm driving by on I-75. Here's a Map.
HTTP Error 404 This link deals with the HTTP Error 404, which is part of the: lightecho website. The theme is a collection of links to the best "dead links", which in the World Wide Web is the error, 404. Follow the link, Best 404s for some great entertainment.
Modern Drunkard This is the online version of a print magazine called Modern Drunkard. I don't know how to explain this one. I guess you'll just have to visit. The artwork is reminiscent of a 50s style of cartooning. I guess that was when the cocktail hour was taken seriously and everybody had a bar in their basement. The stories are hilarious. You need to worry if you relate too well to the situations in this magazine. It's a quarterly. Past issues are archived, they sell T-shirts etc. Follow the link Modern Drunkard to visit.