The Time Tunnel
James Darren as Dr. Tony Newman
Robert Colbert as Dr. Doug Phillips
Lee Meriwether as Dr. Ann MacGregor
Whit Bissell as Lt. General Heywood Kirk
John Zaremba as Dr. Raymond Swain
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Here's the First Intro (22 seconds),
The Second Intro (37 seconds)
Here's some Control Room Dialogue (26 seconds)
The scientists Getting a Fix in Time (18 seconds)
Time travelling with some Doug & Tony Dialogue (58 seconds)

1)Time Tunnel Words 2)Hourglass 1 3)Hourglass 2
4)Hourglass 3 5)Color Burst 6)Red Ball Start
7)Falling In Tunnel 1 8)Falling In Tunnel 2 9)Falling In Tunnel 3
10)Tony & Doug 11)Doug & Tony 12)James Darren
13)Doug & Tony 14)Tony & Doug 15)The Tunnel 1
16)The Tunnel 2 17)The Tunnel 3 18)The Tunnel 4
19)The Tunnel 5 20)The Tunnel 6 21)General Ray & Ann
22)General Ray & Ann 23)General Ann & Ray 24)General & Ann
25)General & Ann 2 26)General & Ray 27)General Ray & Ann 3
28)Ray General & Ann 29)Ann & General 1 30)Ann & General 2
31)Ann & General 3 32)Lee Meriweather 33)Moon Walk
34)Moon Explosion 35)Tony & Doug 36)James Darren credits
37)Robert Colbert credits 38)Created By 39)Directed By
40)20th Century Fox