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I'm a big radio fan, I listen to the radio whenever I can. I listen to the radio in the car, I listen to radio while I sleep. I have a GE Super-Radio in my office on the windowsill. I have a Sirius Satellite Radio receiver with a cradle at home on my desk, and I have a Sirius cradle in my car.

GE Superradio transistor radio short wave radio sirius radio

I have a vacuum-tube short-wave radio behind me on the bookshelf. When the 9-volt transistor radios first came out, I listened to the Tiger baseball games on one at the age of 10 (1965, remember Al Kaline & Willie Horton?). I remember when there was no FM radio. A neighbor of mine when I was growing up was a ham radio operator.

- I HATE Commercials!! -

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I travel with a radio that picks up short wave so I can get an English broadcast when I'm out of the country. I worked on electronic gear in the Navy that connected to radios. My wife was a radioman in the Army AND the Navy. My radio listening pleasure is under attack by extremely annoying repetitive commercials.

geico Lesko Motel6 Lesko eHarmony

There are ads for carpet, ads for vacuum cleaners, ads for motels (we'll leave the light on for ya'), ads for the Cortislim Lifestyle, ads to help me keep my hairline from receding, ads for insurance, ads for mortgages, ads to consolidate my debts, ads for financial advising, ads for spiritual consulting, ads, ads, ads,....
ads for,... GM-Ford-Honda-Chevy-Nissan-VW-Plymouth, ads by Matthew Lesko ("billions in Free Money to,.... "), ads for psychic guidance, ads for dating services (29 dimensions of compatability, ads for nutritional supplements, better sex kits, there are even ads on public radio for Wal-Mart, I like the BBC, PRI and NPR. I like Radio Sweden, Radio Brussels, Radio Prague, Radio Taiwan, Radio Australia, Radio Netherlands, Radio China, you get it.

- These RADIO graphics are links that WORK!! -

RadioPrague RadioTaiwan VOA BBC RSE ABC

some radio links
  • Radio Prague (beautiful medieval city in the Czech Republic)
  • Radio Taiwan (which is the free China,.. at least for now)
  • Voice of America (yeah, we're fighting communism with radio!)
  • An Internet Radio Station "Depot" (100s of streams)
  • Shortwave Radio links (technical stuff)
  • This is a link to many many MORE links for Talk Radio
  • Radio 365 - they'll try to get you to subscribe, many free listens
  • The Famed BBC - Live stream to 100s of English Programs
  • UK Radio Stations broadcasting on the internet